A-Team Valeting

3-Stage Polish


          The 3-Stage polish takes about 3-5 hours to complete depending on the car:


         Stage 1:    The car is fast cut compounded to bring up the dead faded paint and

                           buff the scratched  paintwork

         Stage 2: Then a machine polished is applied to create the ultimate shine.

          Stage 3: Hand glaze is then applied to protect the newly rennovated paintwork.



        The pictures below show you what A-Team Valeting can do for you
                      with a 3-Stage Polish on the Paintwork of your Car


Faded_red_car_bonnet before valeted.jpg


Faded_red_car_bonnet_half polished and half still faded


car bonnet after being 3-Stage Polished looking shiney.jpg

Here the Car Paintwork
is faded


Half the bonnet has been

3-Stage Polished



Here the car has been fully

3-Staged poilshed

look at the diffrence




 the strip down the middle of the bonet of this Car has been 3-Stage Polished look at the difference
Click on the images for a closer look


      Here you can see this BMW                           has been 3-staged polished

   Click on the image for a closer look



                                                                           The 3-Stage Polish is perfect for removing finger print stains on your cars paintwork from Suncream etc...

Hover over the pictures with the mouse to see the difference or Click on the pictures below for a closer look the images will open in a new window
















The 3-stage Polish will add €€€€€€€€€€€'s to the value of your Car if your selling or trading it

It will also look like a new Car if you want to keep it.

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